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  • Discover trends that are relevant to your business in real-time
  • Understand how your business can most effectively use the trend
  • Harness the culture to grow your
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  • Discover trends that are relevant to your business in realtime

  • Understand how your business can most effectively use the trend

  • Harness the culture to grow your
    • audience
    • streams
    • sales
    • following
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Trendpop is the largest real-time source of social video data in the world. We’re analyzing two million new social media posts every day. For every use-case and for every industry, Trendpop has all the data your business needs to succeed.



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Music Industry

Discovery, track, promote, and grow the music and artists within the social video platforms.

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Win more clients by leveling up your offerings for social video platforms.

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Grow your brand by harnessing the power of social video platforms.

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Discover the perfect trends

Social video platforms are massive and difficult to navigate. Trendpop helps you sort through the noise and find the right trends that can help your business grow quickly.

Find the right influencers

Partner with the right influencer for any use case or industry. Filter by post activity, follower count, engagement metrics, content category, demographics, and more. Export emails and Instagram usernames to contact talent directly.

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Stay relevant to your audience

React to your audience in realtime. Find and engage with your superfans. Convert casuals into fanatics.

Make strategic decisions quickly

The world of social video moves fast. Trendpop helps you stay on top of the culture, whatever your use-case or industry is. Never miss another real-time opportunity to connect with your audience and grow your business.

Keep tabs on your campaign progress

Have all the data you need to run effective campaigns at your fingertips. Export daily or weekly reports to keep stakeholders informed. Understand the ROI of your organic or paid campaigns in real-time.

Monitor your social presence

Gain visiblity into your business’ performance on social video. Learn what’s working well and what isn’t so you can hone in the right strategy.

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Brands and agencies of all sizes are leveraging Trendpop to get their work done.

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“Working with TrendPop has been fantastic.

The metrics they have pulled together are more comprehensive than anything else we’ve seen, which allows us to tell more compelling data stories for our clients.”


Michael Eason-Garcia,

Analytics Manager, Movers+Shakers

“TrendPop is the definitive tool for social video!

I've used it for everything from influencer identification to hashtag and sound research. It makes me feel like I've got superpowers and can see everything happening on social video in one view.

Jeff MacDonald

Jeff MacDonald

Assoc. Director of Social Innovation, Mekanism

“Using TrendPop’s social video influencer discovery tool, we doubled our email conversion rate from 6% to 12%”

Adam Gold

Adam Gold

Talent & Development Manager, Rizzle

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