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Trendpop is a TikTok analytics
engine designed to answer:

What is viral right now? Why is it viral? How do I create virality?


Research and monitor content across all of TikTok

Jump on the most viral trend that fits your brand, personality, and voice.

Easily monitor your collections and find opportunities

Track your brand campaign using our favorite list or collection tool.

Amplify your campaigns for brand awareness

Expose your brand to as wide and receptive of an audience as possible.

Drive actionable insights with detailed analytics

Be informed of your campaign status and impact, and adjust your marketing tactics accordingly.

Data for brands

“Retailers and brands need to reach the right consumers at the right time in the right place, and the reality is that over 80 million US consumers are actively on TikTok. What we're experiencing right now is a massive shift in what we call reactive discovery – a very common product or brand discovery mechanism experienced on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest where you scroll and stumble upon something you might find interesting,” says Jenna Sereni, Founder of Handsdown.

brand accounts tracked

brand hashtags tracked

brand mentions

Identify the
right talent

Quickly and easily find the ideal creator for your brand.
Search by brand-related keywords, filter creators by brand-preferred metrics and demographics helps you cut through the noise quickly. Finally, export emails and Instagram usernames to contact your selected creators directly.
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Increase brand

Brands across all industries, from small to enterprise, are tapping into TikTok’s global audience to generate awareness.

Evaluate the impact of your brand awareness campaign with metrics like views, engagement, branded hashtags, and mentions using our tracking and benchmarking tool.
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influencer marketing

Our reports on creators and audience demographics help you make data-driven decisions across your organization.

Monitor your influencer marketing initiatives by tracking the engagement and reach of any creator, sound, hashtag or video.
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Social listening/

Benchmark your brand mentions against competitors, market and industry over time. Reveal key audience insights about your brand positioning in the market so you can set up more relevant campaigns based on what’s important to your audience.Set up daily or weekly alerts to continue monitoring your brand’s organic growth.
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Let our clients
do the talking

Brands and agencies of all sizes are leveraging Trendpop to get their work done.

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“Working with TrendPop has been fantastic.

The metrics they have pulled together are more comprehensive than anything else we’ve seen, which allows us to tell more compelling data stories for our clients.”


Michael Eason-Garcia,

Analytics Manager, Movers+Shakers

“TrendPop is the definitive tool for social video!

I've used it for everything from influencer identification to hashtag and sound research. It makes me feel like I've got superpowers and can see everything happening on social video in one view.

Jeff MacDonald

Jeff MacDonald

Assoc. Director of Social Innovation, Mekanism

“Using TrendPop’s social video influencer discovery tool, we doubled our email conversion rate from 6% to 12%”

Adam Gold

Adam Gold

Talent & Development Manager, Rizzle

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