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Case study: how Crumbl became TikTok’s favorite cookies

Blog Author
Claire Cohen
September 14, 2023
1:40 pm

There’s no doubt that Crumbl is polarizing. While many complain about the cookies being doughy, underbaked, and disgustingly sweet, The New York Times recently crowned it the fastest-growing dessert chain in the country. 

Something is clearly working. And that something happens to be TikTok.

Crumbl’s TikTok Presence

The typical advice for brands on TikTok is to make lo-fi content that leans into platform trends. Crumbl does neither. Instead, the brand creates highly produced “food porn” content that focuses on their flavors. Their typical video introduces one of their new cookies of the week via aesthetic baking shots set to EDM music. 

While this breaks a lot of the “rules” around creating compelling branded TikTok content, there’s no doubt it works for Crumbl. A @CrumblCookies has 6.7M followers, 1.3M average views per video, and 43.9K average likes per video. Even TikTok royalty brands can’t compete. Starbucks for one, has only 2M followers and 43K average views per video while a more direct competitor like Cinnabon has only 346K followers and 452K views per video.

The Power of Crumbl Reviews

While Crumbl’s TikTok page has an impressive amount of followers, its real secret to TikTok success is its passionate TikTok community. #CrumblCookies has over 3.4B views on TikTok with a 9% engagement rate. 

Cookie review videos is the backbone of Crumbl’s TikTok community. Crumbl is known for introducing new limited edition flavors each week at their stores, and Creators love producing TikToks where they try and rate the new cookie options. These review videos are wildly popular, with #Crumblreview garnering 919M views and an 11% engagement rate. Some creators even participate in the #52weeksofCrumbl challenge (90M views), where they head to Crumbl every single week to review the new flavors. 

There are even spoiler accounts dedicated to releasing the next week’s upcoming line-up. @Crumblcookiespoilerss has 28K followers and averages 214K views per video while @cookiecrumblspoilers garners 15K followers and averages 291K views per video.

Key Takeaways

Love them or hate them, there’s no doubt that Crumbl is thriving. So much of this success can be credited towards these limited edition weekly flavors, which resonates with a generation that gravitates towards product reviews and scouting the next big thing. 

They also know their audience. While their mountains of frosting and flavors like Cotton Candy are enough to repel classic foodies, they know that these over-the-top, photogenic cookies are designed to perform well on Instagram and TikTok. It’s no wonder @CrumblCookies has over 780M views on their mentions.

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