Blowing up! Creators to keep an eye on and the secrets behind their success

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Vanessa Wang
September 14, 2023
1:40 pm

From beauty gurus to food bloggers and talented dancers to modern comedians, there’s no shortage of unique, interesting creators on TikTok. We’ve used the Trendpop platform to search across the depths of TikTok, finding and reporting the hottest new creators this month by follower growth– all for you to keep an eye on.  Try the tool out for yourself here!

1. Khaby Lame

The creator:

Khaby Lame (@khaby.lame) is now TikTok’s most-followed creator with a whopping 142M+ following. Based in Italy, Lame also holds the title of the creator seeing the most follower growth over the last month! He skyrocketed to fame through his viral comedy videos, where he dresses up in funky costumes and acts in humorous short skits like this one. As the creator says in his bio, “if u wanna laugh u r in the right place”. A man of his word!

What we can learn from Khaby:

Trendpop’s new video category breakdown feature (below) reveals Khaby’s posting consistency across his videos. While he’s recently assumed the throne as TikTok king, it’s important to note that Khaby has been creating the same type of videos for months, perfecting his craft with over 50% of his TikToks falling in the performance/comedy categories. Consistency really is key!

2. Caleb McLaughlin

The creator:

Caleb McLaughlin (@therealcalebmclaughlin) truly does it all– the “Stranger Things” actor and singer has now taken his platform to TikTok, seeing over 4 million new followers in the last month. In addition to content about the show and his role, McLaughlin has even posted TikToks with his own songs, namely “Soul Travel”-- we love seeing a man of many talents!

What we can learn from Caleb:

Analyzing Caleb’s user base through Trendpop’s content tool shows the importance of knowing your audience– this creator’s top performing video with the most views/likes references his acting and specifically makes use of the hashtag #StrangerThings. With a whopping 93.8 million views, the power of hashtags comes as no strange (no pun intended) surprise…

3. Noah Schnapp

The creator:

Stranger Things cast is coming in hot! Noah Schnapp (@noahschnapp) also stars along McLaughlin in the hit show, and has gained over 4 million new followers this past month. While we’re also seeing some BTS content from Noah, the 17-year-old also posts relatable lifestyle content like this video about his awkward younger years (which might be almost TOO relatable for those of us who grew up with social media…)

What we can learn from Noah:

Noah’s the youngest on this month’s hotlist, and his youthful focus on lifestyle content reveals a good grasp on the interests of his loyal fans. Trendpop’s new audience demographics tool is nifty for analyzing just who your viewers are, and it makes sense that Noah’s expansive fanbase is over 95.4% Gen-Zers. Another testimonial to the importance of knowing your audience!

4. Bad Bunny

The creator:

Rapper Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio (Bad Bunny for short) @badbunny is no newbie to the TikTok sphere. The Puerto Rican artist provides plenty of content showcasing his unique sunglasses-clad fashion style and huge fanbase, with over 3.4 million new followers this month. An icon!

What we can learn from Bad Bunny:

As a music artist himself, Bad Bunny embodies the usage of and thriving on all parts of TikTok’s platform. A quick look under Trendpop’s “Related”  tab reveals all of the profiles, sounds, and hashtags connected to a given user. In Bad Bunny’s case, he’s well-established in the app’s music sphere with 9 official sounds, some of which have over more than 1 million videos created with them!

5. Chelsea Football Club

The creators:

It isn’t just individual creators skyrocketing to fame– the Chelsea Football Club, an English professional sports group holding a FIFA World Cup title, has undergone a 2.8 million follower growth from the last month. The club’s account mostly focuses on content from the team as they travel to competitions, as well as athletic highlights. Fans are able to keep up with their favorite players– we see some contention in the comments!

What we can learn from the Chelsea Football Club:

The Chelsea Football Club makes smart moves on and off the field– creating its own hashtag culture, the account’s use of the #cfc tag allows sports fanatics to see videos related to the team all under one place. Trendpop’s creator country breakdown shows the club’s fanbase is international, with creators from all over the world (including Indonesia, Turkey, and Thailand) contributing significantly to the hashtag.

These are just a few of the ways in which currently trending creators are able to maximize their full potential and boost follower growth. Find more features like these with Trendpop, where data-driven analytics applied across all videos, sounds, creators, and more across TikTok can help you unlock the secrets to going viral– who knows, the next creator on this list could be you!

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