The Top 10 TikTok Moments of 2023

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Claire Cohen
December 12, 2023
10:29 am

We used hashtag data to determine the biggest moments on TikTok, from trends everyone hopped on to insights that started a major conversation to the media we couldn’t get enough of. Here’s the top 10. 

But first, some honorable mentions: Sofia Richie’s wedding (561M views), TikTok falls in love with CEO Shou Chew (396M views), the memification of Kevin James (818M views), Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce (731M views), and deinfluencing (1.1B views).

10. Beige Flags

Views on #beigeflag in 2023: 1.4B

In case you missed it: This trend had creators sharing their or their partner’s beige flags — things about them that weren’t necessarily appealing (green flags) or toxic (red flags), but just weird beige flags. Think: setting timers instead of alarms, is really bad at surprises, or always has an overstuffed backpack.

9.  Topher

Views on #Topher in 2023: 1.45B

In case you missed it: Y’all already know who he is. On Christmas Eve 2022, Creator AllyCat.03 posted a now deleted video of her interviewing her family asking them who they should warn other people about. Two family members say Topher and he steals the show as he introduces himself. The video went viral heading into the new year as Creators started stitching and duetting the video reacting to Topher. #TopherTok then picked up even more steam as Creators started editing his intro into songs and inserting the clip into unexpected intro videos.


8. Tube Girl

Views on #tubegirl in 2023: 1.8B

In case you missed it: Creator Sabrina Bahsoon became an overnight sensation on TikTok by turning her daily commute on the London tube into a runway shoot as she danced like no one’s watching on the train with the wind flowing through her hair. Creators were quick to hop on the “Tube Girl” trend, heading to their local public transportation to film themselves on dancing on .5x zoom. 


7. Girl math

Views on #girlmath in 2023: 2B

In case you missed it: If you return something, you made money. If you buy something with a gift card, it’s free. If you load money onto your Starbucks card, that’s investing in your future. Welcome to girl math, or the delusions women use to justify their spending habits. This trend inspired multiple spinoffs, including #boymath, #gaymath, and even #catmath. 

6. The Roman Empire

Views on #romanempire in 2023: 2.47B

In case you missed it: How often do you think about the Roman Empire? If you identify as male, that’s probably a lot. This trend went viral when women started interviewing the men in their lives to find out that they’re constantly thinking about the Roman Empire, compared to it barely crossing most womens’ minds. This spawned discussions about what your personal Roman Empire is. 

5. Girl dinner

Views on #girldinner in 2023: 2.7B

In case you missed it: It’s not a snack plate, it’s not necessarily a full meal, it’s girl dinner. The trend started when Creator Olivia Maher shared a video detailing the random assortment of foods making up her dinner (e.g. a plate of cheese cubes, fruit, deli meat, and crackers). This inspired more and more Creators to share what made up their own girl dinners, from very fancy personal charcuterie boards to ice cream and Takis

4. Grimace shake

Views on #grimaceshake in 2023: 3.9B 

In case you missed it: In June of this year, McDonald’s introduced a new milkshake to celebrate the birthday of Grimace, one of their characters. Gen Z took Grimace’s birthday celebration in an unexpected direction, filming themselves trying the shake and then becoming possessed by an evil spirit or suddenly dying. 

3. Disney100

Views on #Disney100 in 2023: 12.5B

In case you missed it: The Disney adults really brought the passion to 2023. To celebrate their 100th anniversary, Disney launched a special portal within TikTok where fans could watch exclusive content, complete challenges, and collect coveted Disney “character cards” which unlocked unique frames for their TikTok profiles. Fans were instantly obsessed, and spent weeks documenting their journeys to collect enough character cards to secure Minnie Mouse ears or Loki’s helmet for their profile. 

2. The Barbie movie

Views on #barbiemovie in 2023: 15B

In case you missed it: 2023 was decidedly the year of the Barbie movie. TikTok couldn’t get enough of the film, and loved sharing their favorite clips, Barbie inspired fashion, and how the movie reflects their IRL experience. 


1. The Eras Tour

Views on #erastour in 2023: 28.6B

In case you missed it: It’s Taylor’s world, we’re just living in it. Even if you didn’t get tickets, Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour dominated TikTok as fans shared their intricate concert outfits, documented her special guests in attendance, and analyzed her performances as Taylor navigated breakups and new relationships this year. 

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