Summer 2023 trend report: how to have the greatest summer of all time, according to TikTok

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Claire Cohen
September 14, 2023
1:40 pm

To help predict what’s going to pop off this summer, we tracked the fastest growing hashtags across travel, food & drink, beauty, and fashion categories. We’re expecting the ones with the highest 90 day growth rate to dominate this summer. Let’s dive in: 

Where are we going?

What are we eating (and drinking)?

  • The drink: The hugo spritz (+5.7M views) has been unquestionably voted the drink of the summer. The breezy combination of elderflower liqueur, prosecco, and sparkling water is already causing elderflower liqueur shortages across the country
  • The main: Credit the inspiration to Kali’s song “Area Codes,” but Creators really are cooking up #pastaandlobster (+2,688%), with TikTok royalty chefs Newt and Meredith of Wishbone Kitchen sharing their recipes
  • The other main: Creators are currently obsessed with samyang noodles (+49%), which are spicy, cheesy ramen noodles
  • The side dish: A big hit of summer 2022, TikTok’s love of pasta salad (+66%) knows no bounds. Creators love sharing their unique takes on the dish
  • The dessert: Protein ice cream (+50%) is TikTok’s favorite treat at the moment, with Creators whipping out their Ninja Creamis to show off their latest creations

What are we wearing?

  • Sofia Richie is continuing her reign as TikTok’s it girl, with #sofiarichiestyle up 1,076%. Her refined, minimalistic style is emblematic of the trending quiet luxury/old money (+82%) aesthetic
  • On the complete other end of the spectrum, there is no stopping the barbiecore (+42%) trend, which encourages sequins, diamonds, feathers, and lots of pink
  • 2022 had coastal grandmother. 2023 has coastal cowgirl/cowboy (+505%), a western-inspired beachy aesthetic that mixes airy fabrics (#linen is up 44%), denim, swimsuits, bolo ties, puka jewelry, and cowboy boots 
  • Glitz and glamor lovers will love the new gold girl (+103%) trend, which encourages shimmery make up, gilded clothing, and of course, lots of gold jewelry

And how are we getting ready?

  • Glitter make up (+207M views) is making its mark on summer, with a 10% week over week rise in tutorials sharing everything from glittery eyelids to lips to full on body shimmer
  • Bohemian braids has been (+97%) has been one of the most popular styles for Creators with natural hair, with Creators documenting their trips to the salon, DIYs at home, and top tips for maintenance
  • If 2022 was the year of skincare, 2023 is the year of #scalpcare, with a rise in 400M views (+40%) in the past 90 days. Creators have been flocking to TikTok to share their favorite scalp masks and treatments for optimal hair health
  • The official haircut of the summer is the #bobhaircut (+30%) and the trending hair color of the season is #bronde (+31%), a hair color considered the perfect middle point between blonde and brunette
  • The best way to take care of this new look, according to the TikTok experts, is with #arganoil (+53%), which many Creators use as overnight hair masks
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