#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt in June 2022 – How To Get On the TikTok Product Hot List

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Vanessa Wang
September 14, 2023
1:40 pm

TikTok has no shortage of unique and useful gadgets– whether it's the trendiest niche skincare product or a whimsical new home device, you’re guaranteed to find a video about it.  With features such as hashtag growth analysis and historical data visualization, Trendpop’s content breakdown platform provides the insights that can help your business, big or small, get on the coveted TikTok hotlist and skyrocket your products to digital fame. For inspiration, here are the most shared 10 products on TikTok this month from over 340K videos under the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag!

1. Chicken Leg Gym Socks

Chicken Leg Gym Socks– a wardrobe staple. What more could we expect from TikTok for the most shared product? These one-of-a-kind socks were ironically shown in use at the gym in this viral video from @dailyobsessionsonline. The comment section (of over 72K+ varying opinions) featured mixed reviews, but it’s safe to say these are definitely… unique. Functional fashion, one might say!

2. Straw Cup

Get extra environmentally friendly by combining your reusable mug with a reusable straw from @the.glasslab.As one TikTok user @tommithesalami says about this artsy kitchen find, “I don’t need it… I need 10”. We agree, Tommi the Salami. We agree. Find it on their website here.

3. Hair Gems Blinger

TikTok has definitely seen the revival of Y2K culture throughout its history, and we’re proud to say it’s going as strong as ever. This cool hair gems blinger by Conair puts in hair gem stamps all over your ‘do; with over 63K shares and counting, we’ll be seeing these styles all summer. Find it on Amazon

4. Egg De-Sheller

Ah yes, another essential kitchen gadget. This bizarre, spring-like device de-shells your hard-boiled eggs when you’re in a crunch. We’d call this an egg-scellent find, but we’re afraid that our pun use might not crack you up as much as we’d hope…anyways, get your egg shell remover here on Amazon.

5. Cooler Table

TikTok is big on #lifehacks, so it’s no surprise that an unassuming table that opens to reveal a 7.5 gallon hidden cooler is going viral! With over 29K shares, this cooler/table/combo of the two is perfect for summer parties and barbecues. You can find this crafty home decor on Amazon.

6. Cabinet Caddy

Yet another Amazon find! With over 7.3 million views, this video of a nifty cabinet caddy features a vertical design for storage and a rotating base for easy pullout, and can hold tons of spices and other items for the surprisingly small area it occupies. A practical way to keep tight spaces tidy! Find it here.

7. Shaved Ice Attachment

Shaved ice + summer = a match made in heaven! This functional shaved ice attachment plugs straight onto your KitchenAid device, keeping you cool all summer long (though we’re not sure if we agree with how TikTok user @mik.zenon flavored his… see here, and get it here)

8. Mosquito Bite Remover

Get rid of those pesky bug bites and other side effects of being out in nature a little too much with this amazing mosquito bite remover! This pocket tool claims to remove irritants left behind by stings. It also reminds us of a stapler, except if a stapler could take away bug bites… so maybe not all that much like a stapler, but you get the point. Get it here.

9. Car Window Covers

Don’t want to commit to tinting your windows, but want your privacy? These car window covers do just the job, shielding whatever top secret operations you have going on from the big wide world. Whether you’re a secret agent or merely a car aficionado, you can get yours here.

10. Motion Activated Lights

These motion-activated lights are easy to attach around your house and are great for children and pets all while providing a high-tech touch to your interior design. Pretty lit, if you ask us! Get the Energizer-branded ones here.

While we’ve shared a couple of the coolest finds out there at the moment, this list is always changing. Be on top of the latest gadgets and innovations by using the Trendpop tool, where you’ll be able to search through more videos like these. Using Trendpop, you can filter based on country, engagement levels, and so much more in order to find an updated list catered just for your needs at any time. Who knows– next month it could be you! Happy browsing (and shopping)!

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