Trendpop March Baddies: Our Data-Driven Approach to Determining TikTok's Boyfriend

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Claire Cohen
September 14, 2023
1:40 pm

If TikTok is known for one thing, it’s for being the ultimate fangirl. It seems like every week the community is fixated on a new man as the “internet’s boyfriend.” These stans go crazy for their man, making edits, sharing their favorite interview clips, or sharing storytimes of when they met their idol. 

As NCAA March Madness comes to a close, we couldn’t help but wonder, who is the champion of all of TikTok’s boyfriends? 

So we decided to make a bracket. 

The methodology

Determining TikTok’s ultimate baddie came down to fancams. Born out of k-pop Twitter, fancams are fan-made edits of a certain celebrity or character set to music and often featuring transitions. They are also called fan edits. 

To track the TikTok boyfriend with the most fans, we tracked down the most popular fancam hashtag associated with each boo. For the most part, this was #boyfriendnameedit, with a few exceptions. The boyfriend with the most views on their fancam hashtag in 2023 would be the winner of our tournament.

After determining this methodology, we brainstormed a list of 35 of TikTok’s most eligible bachelors. We narrowed this list down to the 24 men with the most views. 

Moment of silence for our honorable mentions who did not make the cut: Joe Jonas, Henry Golding, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jalen Hurts, Charlie Puth, Rege Jean Page, Jim Hopper, Chris Pine, Paul Mescal, Matty Healy, and Jack Harlow

The Conferences

We then grouped the boyfriends into four conferences — the Daddys, the Chaotics, the Babygirls, and the Heartthrobs.  

Our daddy conference included actors Pedro Pascal, Chris Evans, Oscar Isaac, Keanu Reeves, and Ben Barnes, as well as TikTok CEO and recent internet sensation Shou Zi Chew. While Ben Barnes may be a lesser-known actor, the people of #HarryPotterTok have cast him as one of the Marauders, sending his fancam content to the moon.

The gentlemen of the chaos conference include artists Harry Styles and Justin Bieber, actors Miles Teller, Robert Pattinson, and Timothée Chalamet, and fictional character Draco Malfoy. 

Next, meet our baby girls! In this conference we have actors Andrew Garfield, Nicholas Braun, and Tom Holland, singer Niall Horan, soccer legend Lionel Messi, and Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games franchise.


Last but not least are the men of the heartthrob conference. Competing for the throne are singers Bad Bunny and Rauw Alejandro, actors Austin Butler and Michael B. Jordan, F1 star Lewis Hamilton, and Bengals QB Joe Burrow. 

With the conferences settled, let’s get things rolling!

Round 1: The Sweet 16

In the Daddy Conference, Keanu (52M views) ekes out a win over Ben Barnes (34M views) while Oscar Isaac (77M views) handily defeats new TikTok boyfriend Shou Chew (4.5M views). Over in the Chaotic Conference, history is repeating itself as Robert Pattinson (60M views) falls to another Slytherin, but this time it’s Draco Malfoy (136M views). Meanwhile, Timothee Chalamet (95.7M views) takes out Miles Teller (51.3M views). 

Popping over to the Baby Girl conference, Peeta from The Hunger Games (278M views) demolishes Niall Horan (23M views) while Lionel Messi (22.9M views) beats out Nicholas Braun (5.6M views). 

Finishing up with the gentlemen of the Heartthrob Conference, Austin Butler (196M views) may have lost the Oscar, but he manages to edge out Joe Burrow (137M views) to move on to the next round. Lewis Hamilton (42.7M), on the other hand, ends up being boxed out by Rauw Alejandro (59.8M views)

Round 2: The Elite Eight

In the Daddy Conference, John Wick’s luck runs out as Chris Evans (200M views) whoops Keanu Reeves (52M views). After a first-round bye, Pedro Pascal (1.7B views) enters the chat, crushing his real-life bestie Oscar Isaac (77M views). 

Back with the Chaotic Conference, it’s Harry vs. Malfoy (136M views), while Styles (400M views) emerging victorious. Justin Bieber (163.5M) basically eats Timmy T for breakfast (95.6M views), putting pop’s biggest male musicians head to head for the final four.

In a shocking upset in the Baby Girl Conference, Andrew Garfield (113M views) falls to Peeta Mellark (278M views). That Hunger Games Renaissance is strong! Tom Holland (200M views) clobbers Lionel Messi (22.9M views). 

The Heartthrob Conference will never be the same because Bad Bunny (300M views) has entered the arena, taking out Austin Butler (193.6M views). Meanwhile, Rauw Alejandro (59.8M views) just gets the win over Michael B. Jordan (57M views).

Round 3: The Final Four

Two legendary daddies duke it out but Chris Evans (200M views) is no match for one José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal (1.7B views), and Pedro is headed for the final four! Harry (400M views) meanwhile makes an embarrassment of JB (163M views).

In a twist maybe no one predicted, Peeta (278M views) beats out Tom Holland (200M views) to become the ultimate Baby Girl and part of the final four. In a twist anyone could have predicted, Bad Bunny (300M views) takes out Rauw Alejandro (59.8M views) to be TikTok’s main heartthrob.

Round 4: The Finals

While Harry (400M views) may have been the king of the internet in 2022, 2023 is clearly the year of Pedro Pascal (1.7B views). In the west, the sun sets on Peeta’s (278M views) Cinderella story, as Bad Bunny (300M views) narrowly beats him out to make it to the finals  

In the finals, there’s no question that this entire tournament was Pedro Pascal’s to lose. With 1.7B fancam views, he has more than 6x the views that Bad Bunny does, making Pedro Pascal TikTok’s March Baddie (and Daddy) champion.

Bonus: Some Superlatives

Most engaged audience - Niall Horan (29% engagement rate)

Fastest growing audience in 2023 - Pedro Pascal (921%)

Most total hashtag views - Harry Styles (3.2B)

Coolest fancam hashtag - Ben Barnes (#benbarnessupremacy) 

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