Which NFL team dominates TikTok? Our unofficial ranking from worst to best

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Claire Cohen
November 21, 2023
7:58 am

Happy return to football season for all who celebrate! To honor football being back on our screens, we decided to rank the teams not based on their playoff potential but on something far more important — who has the best TikTok presence?

To develop our ranking, we looked at the following:  

Quality & quantity: Are they posting regularly? Are their posts engaging?

📱 TikTok centrality: Do their posts feel made for TikTok? Does it seem like they get the app?

💡 Originality: Do they make posts that feel different from the other teams? Are they posting content that no one else does or could d

⭐️ Star power: Are they showing their players on TikTok? If so, are the players showing off their personalities or does it seem like they hate every minute of it?

📈 The stats: Quality is subjective but views per video don't lie

The teams with lots of work to do this season

32. The Indianapolis Colts (1.1M followers)

This was an easy pick for last place as the Colts barely use their TikTok account and when they do, it's for content of their admin team. At only 47K views per video (the second lowest of any team), that's not what we, or the fans want!

31. The Denver Broncos (886K followers)

The entire Broncos TikTok account is a giant (and boring) ad for their stadium, their limited edition helmets, and pretty much anything except for the players and the sport. Imagine having TikTok star Russell Wilson on your team and fumbling the bag this hard!

30. The Green Bay Packers (820K followers)

The only reason the team isn't in last place is that Packers fans will watch even the most boring content that their team posts to TikTok. While they post some interesting behind-the-scenes clips from training, they don't share anything TikTok-specific or content that helps us get to know the players better.  

29. The Houston Texans (345K followers)

Finally we start to get some interesting content! The Texans do post cute interview questions with players but there's a lot of filler content in between. At only 23K views per video (the lowest in the league), the fans seem to agree.

28. The Cleveland Browns (1M followers)

The Browns also post some fun "question of the day" type content with the players (e.g. who was your childhood celebrity crush, what's your favorite post-game snack, etc) but they struggle with consistency and originality

27. The Miami Dolphins (1.1M followers)

The Dolphins' TikTok page gives us the bare minimum. They lost points for the series where they have players record a video announcing their contract extension to TikTok, which feel incredibly forced and reminiscent of a hostage video.

26. The Atlanta Falcons (1M followers)

The Falcons' TikTok page isn't bad it's just...a lot more of the same. We get quickfire player questions and they also have players try to solve a riddle of the day, which I guess is fun?

25. The Arizona Cardinals (854K followers)

Props to the Cardinals' social team for getting the best out of their players. Their content feels fun, goofy, and like the players are engaged with the camera. Their Achilles heel, however, is consistency — we need more posts!

The teams doing the bare minimum

24. The New Orleans Saints (1M followers)

The Saints do your typical fan questions and will also mic up their players during practice to capture funny moments for social. They win some extra bonus points for capturing cute content of fans and player family members.

23. The 49ers (1.3M followers)

They're giving us interviews, miced up moments, and player challenges. It's all fine, but we're not seeing any breakout characters emerge on the team or feel like we're really getting to know these players.

22. The Jacksonville Jaguars (473K followers)

While their content is pretty mediocre, they are outkicking their coverage with 166K views per videos despite only having 473K followers. They also center QB Trevor Lawrence as a main character in their content which is a pro for consistency.

21. The Washington Commanders (780K followers)

Though a lot of their content doesn't feel made for TikTok they do have some cute standout moments (e.g. they sent players to a kid's lemonade stand and sent a Madden ratings adjuster to practice and captured reactions).

20. The New York Giants (1.1M followers)

Dexter Lawrence carries the team's TikTok page on his back. While most content formats are unoriginal, interviews, challenges and hot mics with the hilarious nose tackle are pure gold.

Dexter Lawrence is a national treasure and brings the best energy to the Giants' TikTok account

19. The Las Vegas Raiders (559K followers)

The Raiders barely post and logically shouldn't be up this high. BUT they just re-signed TikTok star (and NFL player) Isaac Rochell and they have Jimmy Garropolo as QB. No wonder they average 907K views per video (the second highest of any team!).

18. The Baltimore Ravens (1.3M followers)

Their content is below average but is boosted by the star power of Lamar Jackson and TikTok star Odell Beckham Junior (2.3M followers).

17. The Los Angeles Chargers (1.1M followers)

It's clear the Chargers social team gets TikTok — we see them ranking players on photo day or having players narrate other players' day-in-the-life videos. Justin Herbert is the one letting us down because he avoids making social content at all costs. BFFR Justin!

Teams that are just earning a winning record

16. The Philadelphia Eagles (2.4M followers)

It's clear that birds fans will ride or die for their team, even if it means watching relatively boring TikToks. While they index well on engagement, views, and Jalen Hurts, it feels like the players aren't as bought into making content as other teams.

15. The Los Angeles Rams (1.5M followers)

We've got incredibly standard stuff here — questions of the day, players trying out filters, and BTS content from training. It's fine.

14. The Seattle Seahawks (1.1M followers)

The Seahawks do interesting things on their page that we don't see from other teams — we see the athletes' specific smoothie orders, day in the life with a trainer, and even ASMR content of them lining the field.

13. The Chicago Bears  (1.1M followers)

The team is ranked this high solely for their adorable content featuring Ari Moore, DJ Moore's daughter.

The Bears know to give the people what they want, and they want precious father daughter content between DJ and Ari Moore

12. The Detroit Lions (1.9M followers)

While their in-feed content is pretty mediocre, the Lions are the comment kings of TikTok, and are known for dropping hilarious comments on Creators' videos.

11. The Tennessee Titans (1.1M followers)

We love to see: the Titans take fan questions from Twitter or TikTok comments (e.g. drop the players' skincare routines, how many 5-year-olds would it take to tackle Derrick Henry) and ask the players and coaches

We hate to see: that they don't post enough!

10. The New York Jets (848K followers)

While they're not posting anything revolutionary, fans are eating up their posts featuring new QB Aaron Rodgers, bringing in a solid 142K views per video

9. The Carolina Panthers (1.1M followers)

The Panthers are skating by on quickfire interviews, challenges, and Bryce Young content, who has enough rizz (and star power) to help them stand out.


The teams that basically double as creator houses

8. The Buffalo Bills (1.9M followers)

The Bills specialize in interesting challenges (e.g. have players do mini golf trick shots, guess the Madden cover stars, etc.) and create a lot of content with QB Josh Allen. The team has the highest engagement rate in the league (13%), meaning they're keeping the Bills Mafia happy. Still, we'd love to see them give players other than Allen time to shine.

7. The New England Patriots (1.2M followers)

The Pats are up this high exclusively for their star power. While they may rely a little too much on old clips of Tom Brady, they do tap JuJu Smith-Schuster (3.6M followers) for a lot of their content, who is so good at TikTok he could basically leave football to be an influencer at this point.

6. The Pittsburgh Steelers (1.8M followers)

The official Steelers account is basically a meme account and we mean it in the best way possible. Their use of trending CapCut templates, filters, audios, and fun edits make it a hilarious follow.

5. The Dallas Cowboys (2M followers)

Aside from your typical interviews and BTS content, the Cowboys also specialize in informational videos about the history of the team and interesting collabs (e.g. they invited Gavin Casalegno to training camp to declare that the Cowboys are #TeamJeremiah).

4. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1.2M followers)

There's no other way to say it, the Bucs' content is a slay. Their social team vlogs their practices in a way where it actually feels like you're hanging with the players. We learn how they stay cool while practicing in 100-degree heat, we watch Nick Leverett adopt a lizard they find during practice and name him Alex, and we even follow the battle for QB1. Bubbly players like Mike Evans and Cody Mauch make this content not like other teams.

3. The Minnesota Vikings (1.1M followers)

Leave it to a midwestern team to give us the wholesome content we didn't know we needed. We see the team fly out players' youth football coaches and film their reactions, bring in superfans to meet the team, and mic up QB Kirk Cousins for some dad jokes. I'm not crying, you're crying.

2. The Kansas City Chiefs (3.1M followers)

On stats alone, the Chiefs crush it. They have 700K more followers than any other team and more views per video (1M) than the rest of the league. It doesn't hurt that their content is also great. While their content strategies are pretty standard compared to other teams (e.g. interviews, challenges, hot mics), they execute it flawlessly. It also doesn't hurt that Travis Kelce is not just a star on the field but comedic gold.

1. The Cincinatti Bengals (1.9M followers)

The Bengals are the internet's team. They take their challenges to the next level (e.g. putting their hands in a cardboard box to guess what they're feeling, have them play professional ping pong players), and make TikTok-specific edits with trending audios. Most importantly, they lean into the fandom around Joe Burrow (healthy reminder that #joeburrowedit has 256M views) with lots of edits and content with their QB. They know what they're doing.

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